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"I'm Gayle Petch of Nelson, New Zealand. In 2016, after fifteen years of working in community organisations and on community projects, it was time for me to make a radical change. I suddenly found myself asking what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. 


My inspiration comes from my high sensitivity to fragrance, something I was born with.  After making soy candles and experimenting with beautiful fragrances, including mixing my own blends, I realised I could fill a niche for Kiwiana fragrances that reflected NZ. Fragrances that would evoke memories of the great NZ outdoors and special moments spent on beaches, tramping in the bush, the berries grown on our plains and the native flora.  


Nothing can transport us back to memories quite like the power of fragrance. They have the power to make us feel happy, relaxed, content! 


I have always adored candles. I love the ambience they provide, the way they evoke memories and the fragrances that make one feel so good. I set out to research every aspect of candle making and what I discovered horrified me. I found out that many candles, especially imported ones, have nasty ingredients that are toxic. Candle lovers like me have essentially been putting poisons into our environment while also putting our health at risk.


An enormous amount of experimentation later and my “L’aroma” candle brand was born.  The basis of my candles is soy wax, a by-product of the soy industry.  It is much harder to work with than the more commonly used paraffin wax but it holds the fragrances so much better and burns beautifully.


I am a fragrance-aholic and one of my favourite parts of being a candle maker is experimenting with different combinations of scent.  


It has not been an easy journey.  You need loads of patience to get the recipes right. I could not have achieved what I have without the help of my sister who became a candle maker long before I did. She has helped put me on the right path to sourcing top quality ingredients so that I can create candles that burn beautifully and have the long-lasting fragrances that enhance well being.


Car fragrances brought from the supermarket have been less than pleasant for most people, but now with high-quality fragrances sourced from overseas perfume houses, finally people can enjoy beautiful scent in their car or home.  It is my dream to spread joy through fragrance.



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